How to Use Perfume Oil


There are many ways to use perfume oils, but there are two traditional methods that have been popular since many years,


#The Classical approach

Perfume oil is traditionally applied by rubbing it on clothing after being directly applied,

Dab or roll on generous amount of oil in the palm of your hand or the inside of one of your wrists. After that, softly rub your wrists together and run them along your neck and over your garments to get the aroma there.

As you are applying the oil over the clothes indirectly, this method is ideal for reducing the likelihood of staining the clothes. It goes well with apparel that is light in colour. Additionally, it diffuses the smell throughout the garments rather than keeping it in one place.


#The Direct Approach

Applying perfume oil directly to your body is the most direct method of application.


Dab or roll on oil behind your earlobes, jawline, beard tips, or hair ends and softly apply it using your inner wrists or palm or fingertips. You can use the roller balls directly in this case or use the stick to dab on the oil.

This is ideal for folks who prefer to apply a rich perfume directly to their skin. The aroma doesn't start off right away; it takes some time to build up strength as it mixes with your body oils.

Also, you can apply them directly on the pulse points as well. Applying oils to your pulse points, which are the warmest spots on your body, can let the aroma remain longer and spread further.