7 Tips For Perfume To Last Longer

Some Tips:

Use after taking shower

  • Put perfume oil/spray after you have taken a shower which will make the smell last longer. Your fragrance will stick to you better and remain longer if you have clean, fresh skin.


Use unscented moisturizer

  • Use unscented moisturizer before applying perfume oil/spray. This way the scent of the oil won’t clash with the smell of the moisturizer and give you the natural aroma of the oil.


Use perfume on pulse points

  • Pulse points are the warmest spots of your body. Applying oil/spray to your pulse points, will allow the aroma to remain longer and spread further.


Use on inner elbow, behind knee or behind ears

  • You can gently rub the oil on your inner elbow or behind the knee which will spread the aroma to the inner arms and help you to smell the scent longer.


  • Rubbing the oil behind your ears after a shower will also give you a long-lasting smell. Our nose is pretty close to our ears. As such, it will seem that you can smell the aroma directly for a long time.

If you are sensitive, then try pretty small amount or use it in other places.


Keep them in the right place

  • Try to keep the oil/spray in a cool environment away from direct sunlight which will help to hold the natural aroma of the perfume for a long time